HTG Tuning gearbox support update

GZR GCU overlay

GZ Racing have been working with HTG Tuning and we are happy to announce that the ZF 6HP26 will be supported in the next software update.
All ZF 6HP26 will be supported and also the Ford 6R80. We will continue to work on the Barra powered Ford Falcon and the Ford Mustang to get the cars 100% PnP supported.

When the software update is ready, we will offer a PnP harness that will make the installation super easy!

A nice addition is that we will also be able to control the PBH 4R200 upgrade, we will talk some more about that in an later update.

Its important to point out that all 6HP26 gearboxes will work, for example the ones that are behind the BMW M54 (M50, M52) and Audi S6 V10. So are you doing a swap with the 6HP26, its no longer needed to use the stock ECU/TCU. Just get a GCU and start tuning your gearbox!

Also in the next update you will find support for the Mercedes 5G-Tronic 722.6 and 722.9, and some of you Mitsubishi Evo X owners will also be pleased. The twin clutch SST will also be supported!